Controler #

How u Build your self confidence, when every people are judging you ???
Maybe one of you, has ever experiencing of the same thing.
Now, You should answer this question…
1. How Do You Feel?
2. What Will You Do ?
a). Will You Angry?
b). Will You Just Silent?
c). Or Will You Just Let it Go?
Quite possible this situation will be happen at yours, moreover in the crowded. But if you don’t know how to face this condition, you will look So Weak.
Well, this is little bit of tricks to face that. It’s simple tricks to face that condition, just answer the question above.
The first you must be calm, do not act to hasty because it means you show yours angry….
The second, Control your heart & mind, Think possible as be.
The Last But Not Less, Is Always Inculcating That No One Know Best About Your Self Besides You And The Lord God.
Wish Be Usefull.



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