Tell,, Just Tell


Halloo Bloggers…
Now I wanna talk about My regular activity…!!!
Now My stats Is A Student Of Gunadarma University in faculty Computer Science wITh title Bachelor of Information System. Actually I never Know and never imagine to be a part of this faculty and the University, It is out from my basic planned. But The God bring me in here… and I could just be say Thank to My God Allah s.w.t.
In this title I Have much friends, I got new sciences, I gotta new atmosphere And much more. I learned much thing in here. We are included of various part, religion, habbit, etc. It was fun, and surely interested. And you can imagine how it was ?
I’m happy with this at all,,,But I’m just human being. I Never one hundred % Like in every kind of my friends character, and they are too…. Maybe? I confuse how to tell this,,, But It’s Real. Maybe One Of You ever feel like what i’m feeling….!!! I know when Someone like or dislike with me, and it’s appearenced in their eyes, behavior and their said. I’m Not suspecting this, but i was giving an ability to more feel about someone who like or dislike or just pretend good on me of God. I can feel an “Jealous” and “Compete” from them to me. Actually i never want to get and do like the word above! But don’t you know? I Proud, because what? Because I have Something more,,, With their behavior or act like that made me more Values than they are!!!
Hmmmm… Am I Look To dramatic??? Ha ha ha I Hope No,,,
That Is mY Short Story For this week!!  
See What the next story….???


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