” You Are Handsome And …

” You Are Handsome And You Are Beautiful, But You’re Character Doesn’t appearence like That “


2 thoughts on “” You Are Handsome And …

  1. My character is just as swift and demanding. When I want something done in my personal life, I want it done. When I want it done at work, I want it done. If It is appropriate to do it myself, I will. If not, I won’t. Sometimes it means I have to talk/direct/explain till I am blue in the face! I am very much it all will get done my way.

    • Yeah, It is Not Bad Character… But I Have been being friends Character like what i have been posting. They have good Appearenced, but not their character. It Doesn’t mean I Have better character, No !!! I Just Want to spill up my pevish at them with this!

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